No more labels records (patent pending) is a post-label recording company dedicated to the medium and zeitgeist of the current era. There is no vinyl, eight track, casette, or compact disc that isn't an anachronism. Sound recordings are nothing more than sound. And sound is, in the 21st century, like everything else, digital and stored on servers. Albums have their place, but as temporary webpages. They are either temporally or thematically linked. Otherwise, nothing but a list of songs would be presented. Perhaps in the future that will be the case. For now, we link to our recorders and there are further links to their specified groups of recordings. We like to think we are paving the way to a future where multitudes of sound recordings that have been created out of a sincere desire to create them as opposed to any other motives (e.g. venal) will come to dominate the landscape. We are well aware that we are wrong.

"I wish the world to know her work. Something you could not know: how it was, here, for artists. Whole universes of blood and imagination, built over lifetimes in rooms like these, never to be seen. To die with their creators, and be swept out. Now...what she does, it joins the sea." She smiles. "It has brought you to us."