Dead-End Mazes for a Buying Mood

Static & Rain Falling No Sound Every Stupid Idea How to Overthrow the Federal Government in 7 Seconds or Less How to Stop It Are you gonna pull them pistols Ironically Titled

The words that I remember

Static and Rain Falling

She picks up the phone and hears static and rain falling
She's about to hang up
Then she hears his voice

"Wait, it's me."
"I know. Why can't you let me live the rest of my life in peace?"

There's a long pause
And a loud noise
Before she has time to wonder
Whether or not her hearing will be fucked up permanently
A wave of relief washes her entire body
A reluctant smile
Crosses her lips

No Sound

You become so's you'd to live
Because she said so
And the only way to do that
/the only way to deal with the inertia that resulted
from your inability to do so

Is to drink yourself to passing out

Until you realize
It's your hand
From which no sound comes out

Every Stupid Idea

This is understanding
This is piss poor poverty

And criticism of golden misunderstanding flanked on every which side by
Still breeding...

Every stupid idea
That walks through my mind in the span of a second

How to Overthrow the Federal Government in 7 Seconds or less

You know your wings
Are built from the bones of the weak
My advice is be prepared to crash land
Time flows in circles
Revenge flows in spirals

How to Stop It
It helps to remain here at this threshold
It's particularly telling
When you feel this way

When you've reached this state in particular
At thirteen
Curled up and waiting
For a wet dream that'll never come
You know that you feel this
What you need to know is how to stop it

Are you gonna pull them pistols

It would be wise
to never speak to me again
It would be in your best interests
to turn the other way when you see me coming

I know that I seem harmless
But the question you gotta ask yourself
Is how well do you really know me

"So are you gonna pull them pistols or whistle Dixie?"

Ironically Titled

By the 12th or 13th hour
You always appear
And I'm sure
If I wake for a minute
I'll have to wait the whole day
To see you again

The noise from the fan awakens me
And I desperately try to find you again

But these days will pass
And I'll only have those nights
To look forward to again
When I strive to sleep more
Than humanly possible
In the hope
That eventually our lips
Might touch again