New Young Guns of the Angular Wooden

INS 12 Second Window Slips and Heaves 7 Years 30 Years Peanut Escape Code LS The Moldova Defense


Keith Sonin - guitar, vocals on tracks 1,2,4,5,6,8 & 9; bass guitar on tracks 3 and 7
Matt Heuston - baritone guitar, vocals on tracks 3 and 7, bass guitar on tracks 1,2,4,5,6,8 & 9
Sean Meddler - drums


Lyrics for tracks 1,2,4,6,8 & 9 written by Keith Sonin
Lyrics for tracks 3 & 7 written by Matt Heuston


I cannot answer you in all honesty
Would I feel sorry if you fell in front of me
Would I feel anything if you feel because of me

Know this my love
I don't feel real in a sense you do

Would you feel sorry if I fell in front of you
Would you feel anything if I feel because of you


Acknowledge failure
The 12 second window closes
Soldier onwards
Ensure the smoke will never clear

While history debates you
You fly off
With seventy virgins
There is power power wonder working power
In the blood of the three thousand lambs


One would think
There would be more

Fly Ash

No better world
No better way
Just the one
That is today

Youth and anger
Repression and age

Clinging fast to the rug
Vodka gets out blood
7 years was enough


So this is what you're doing
So this is what you choose
Everyday you punch in
Is everyday you lose

Take the money
Spend it on gasoline
Take the money
Spend it on booze
Take the money
Send it to Africa
Take the money
Buy some new shoes

And you say thirty years
And you say thirty more

Cry me a river
Because you can't find love
Cry me an ocean
You think you don't get fucked

Take your bike
Climb up the stairs
Hang yourself
Upside down by the short hairs
Take the money
Save every dime
Save the world
One sperm at a time

You're shaking hard now
You're shaking violently
Yeah but nobody notices
Not a soul to see
Oh poor poor you
Oh sad sad you

Who wants to be
In the back of a sinking ship
Screaming I told you so

Wouldn't you rather be
In the peanut gallery
Joining in the chorus
We gave it our best shot
We sink or swim together


Sing to me of your brushes
With death's ugly head
Sing to me
Take the edge off
The rest of the day

Stay with me
One more time
Stay with me
While I still feel this way

If I awake
To find you still breathing
Then I'll know I have another day
If you awake
To find me still breathing
Then you might just have to kill me


I don't have to see them
I don't have to know where they've been
I don't have to like them
I don't have to beat them myself

They come through the wires
Millions of miles
Come through the channels
From Moldova
From Tanzania
Seasoned in the Indies
Sold back into slavery
Am I complicit?
Am I responsible
Make purchase discreetly
Are you wanting lap dance now

I don't have to see them
I don't have to tell them they're pretty
I don't have to need them
I don't have to beat them myself

Do I need a Pepsi?
Do I need some McDonald's?