Tsarskoye Selo

Un Jou I Break Women Matt should probably name this one (Procrastination) before it gets leaked You Win Revenge Tsarskoye Selo Conrad


Keith Sonin - baritone guitar, vocals on all songs other than Revenge
Matt Heuston - baritone guitar, Revenge vocals
John Olander - drums


All lyrics other than Revenge by Scott Koenig. Revenge by Matt Heuston


Jou (Jew) - Game (Jew)(?)
Jew! (Jou!) - Jew (Game)(?)

Elle a chaud - LHO - She has hot(?)
Ethnicite - Ethnicity
Ethnicite est un jou - Ethnicity is a game

Elle a chaud ethnicite - She has a hot ethnicity(?)
C'est un blague - It's a joke

Pas un juif - Not a jew
Pas un homme - Not a man
Pas un blanche - Not a white
Pas un jou - Not a game


I needs must go north
Where the sun
Will never shine on this
Dark roads lie ahead
Bloody rivers
Rise behind

How I tried to warn you
No one believes me
When I tell them what I am
How can I warn you
No one heeds a warning
When they want something bad

I'm not trying to break
Your heart
Oh no, no, no, no
I break women
"People just need to be smarter"


Something's gotta give
You're always saying
But then nothing does
And you keep on working
I stare at the void
And they give me money
Look up at the world
And they give me nothing

So I guess you win
You win this round

Make work for yourself
You race to busy
You go home tired
I go home thirsty
Drill holes in the wall
Fill them with children
Drill holes in my head
Fill them with bourbon

So I guess you win
You win this life


Have you no way to take revenge?
You'll take it by violence in the end.
Choke with a lasso until death.
Then disembark for new lands.

Where the earth movers carved out space,
against jersey barriers cars relax their frames

Have you seen the giant dump truck
asleep at the worksite until dusk?
When it comes alive at night
It'll bury us alive.

Our mouths will fill with sand,
Our broken bodies penitent


40 years
Wading in a sea of rum
Life threw me a vest
So I drank up
Death threw me an oar
Said get a job

Mother I wonder
How did you stop yourself
From shaking me
From drowning me
From smothering me
So softly in my sleep
So gently in my sleep


Welcome back Conrad!
We wrote down all your lines for you
Like we used to do
There was a golden boy
He blew his golden locks right off his fuckin head
Now we're back in the black

Hey boys I think we're in the wrong band!
Killing yourselves for half a beer
Isn't much of a living
I think it's time we put our fan on notice
Three baritone guitars for sale at a deep discount!